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Estate Litigation

Pennsylvania Estate Litigation Lawyers

Often times estate related disputes can prove to be very stressful for the beneficiaries of the estate. There are often a plethora of emotions and feelings involved that make it even more difficult to navigate. This reiterates why it is so essential to hire an attorney that understands the financial, as well as emotional issues surrounding estate disputes. In addition, it is important to work with an attorney that acknowledges your point of view and has the experience to guide you through the legal process. 

Our Pennsylvania estate litigation attorneys take great pride in offering each client personal attention on their estate litigation matters. In addition, we are cognizant of the needs of all parties involved in the case such as heirs, beneficiaries, executors and administrators when issues arise regarding the estate. Please contact our PA estate litigation lawyers to discuss your rights, interests and how to protect them. 

Knowledgeable Advocacy for You in Any Inheritance Dispute

Our Philadelphia estate litigation attorneys are very experienced in legal proceedings pertaining to Pennsylvania estate litigation matters. We have successfully handled complex probate matters and a host of disputes that can result in estate litigation such as:

Heirs being denied their deserved and rightful inheritance

Disputes regarding who is to inherit specific property

Undue influence allegations

Legally questionable will bequests

Documents signed under duress

Issues regarding the mental competence of the deceased at creation of the will

Unclaimed foreclosure sale proceeds 

Pennsylvania Attorneys Who Will Defend the Rights of Heirs & Executors

There are many ways that someone can be involved in an estate litigation dispute. Regardless of whether you are an heir asserting your rights or an estate administrator unjustly accused of wrongdoing, we will thoroughly exhaust all legal resources when building your case. Successful estate litigation requires more than just strong investigative skills. It also necessitates the capacity for challenging legal actions such as deposing attorneys who are involved in the estate planning process. 

Committed to Your Need for Justice & Closure 

From the commencement of our relationship we are very sensitive to your concerns. Equally as important, we also offer an honest assessment regarding the prognosis, or outcome, of your case. We aggressively and thoroughly work on your behalf at every phase of litigation while remaining mindful of your desire for justice, closure & peace of mind.

For a thorough evaluation of your inheritance, estate dispute or any matter involving estate litigation feel free to contact our Philadelphia estate litigation attorneys

Proudly serving Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Bucks, Delaware & Montgomery.